Seriously. Its not fair to be Jenna Dewan.   Channing Tatum was on The Today show this morning and showed off his dancing skills again.  Good. Lord. That man is sooo fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.   I wonder if there is lots of dancing going on in the Tatum household.  Like,  dancing around the kitchen, getting ready, to random songs that come on a movie, HOW does anything get accomplished at their house?!  If I was Jenna Id just jump up and down clapping saying “again, again! now this song, do that hot spinny thing!”

mmpromo TJs Trash: Its Raining Men...Oh Who Cares, its Channing Tatum!

Photo: Warner Brothers

For your viewing pleasure.

That isnt the best quality but its all I could find that would work and its enough to make you want to go to the original video on  The Today show site to watch.  Click HERE, trust me. Its worth it.

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