Ok, so this story is sad and I dont want to bring you down but its reality and its what is all over the news right now. That being said…

WHAT the HECK is wrong with these kids?! This just happened in Greece, NY. I would be embarrassed if I were a parent of one of these kids!

bus TJs Trash: Elderly Woman Bullied by Kids on a Bus.

Photo: Screenshot/Youtube

Middle school kids on a bus bullied this poor woman on Monday. This kid holding the camera said the meanest things ever to the 68 year old bus monitor.  Like, he even said “your family killed themselves because they don’t want to be around you.” This poor woman just sat there and took the verbal abuse of these boys calling her “fat” saying they would “throw cheeseburgers at her” “beat her a**”  and that isn’t even the worst of it. Its BAD. Every other word out of the video taper’s mouth was the F word.  Someone better help that/these kid/kids stat because there is clearly zero compassion for others and lacking general empathy can be a dangerous thing.  She even showed them she was crying and it went right over their heads.  I watched 30 seconds of the 10 min video these kids uploaded to Youtube, its all I could stand, it made me sick to my stomach that kids could be so cruel. I REALLY hope the school did something about this and that parents also took action to discipline their child. There has been overwhelming support for this woman and someone started an online fund for her to send her on a nice vaca away from her job, I mean shes 68!!!   It started with a goal of $5,000 and is now $150,000. I hope she never has to get back on that bus again!  What a horrible experience. If I were rich, Id pay for the woman’s entire vacation. I hope these kids get some help before they are unleashed to society as adults.  I wont post the video but if you can stomach it, the woman’s name is Karen Huff Klein and its online everywhere.  There are a ton of stories on it too about how the school is going to handle the situation, how they are worried for the safety of all involved, how its the parents fault and the names of these kids should be public knowledge etc.  I mean you can argue back and forth all day long both sides but at the end of the day? The treatment of this woman is inexcusable.

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