By Koffy In The Morning

True story.

The Place: Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and  Research Center

The Results:  Banana Bread is the #1 aroma aphrodisiac.  A woman will let go of stress and inhibitions and  in 2 minutes be way more interested in having some fun with her man than reading a Nicholas Sparks book.

Tip: Guys, walking in with 35 loaves of Banana Bread this evening may trigger suspicion.  Remember, it’s the scent that does it. Yankee Candle makes a Banana Nut Bread candle – no I didn’t know that off hand, I just Googled it.  Get some candles or those wax melts that smell like Banana Bread and then light a few of them around the house.

If it works, it works.  If your woman has heard this story and she sees BNB candles around the house, she will more than likely be impressed that you went through the effort of getting the candle and then actually lighting it with forethought to make her feel better. I write all of this with the focus being on the fact that the scent de-stresses, and share with fellow men because we are not selfish. The bowchickawowow that may ensue is a merely instant karma.


The economy has had a dramatic effect on beer sales. Mainly that people are fine with saving a few bucks by buying cans.  These are the 12oncers  that we’re talking about not a 18oz Tall Boy.  This should drive the price of aluminum.  If you’re still toting a 40 around apparently you are independently wealthy or a renegade.


CBS is pretty ticked at ABC for their copycat Big Brother show.  CBS released a statement yesterday that they were proud to announce their new show…… Dancing on the Stars.                Funny.

4th Time Not A Charm

A 78 year old in Minneapolis arrested for attempted bank robbery yesterday.  It is his 4th time being arrested for robbing banks. A couple things about this story get me thinking.

1. So he’s been caught 4 times…. how many times has this guy been successful that he would keep trying?

2.  When you’re almost 80  are you thinking    “Ah what the heck, I’ll just go try and rob another one.” ?

3.  If he had success in the past did he do philanthropic stuff with it?

4. Clinically Insane.

Probably #4 if i were to rush to pass judgement on another of the human race, but I don’t do that, so I won’t.


Pretty  much 95-100 degrees all over the USA today. We all have those relative and friends that like to call us when it is -20 and say “hows that weather ha ha ha ha ha”, you have my permission to leave them a voice mail that simply says, “Hi, Sunny, light breeze 77 here, just to let you know. Thanks!”

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