There isn’t much tempo to this one, nor is there much island-time partying. Still, Kenny Chesney may be at his best in his latest album, Welcome to the Fishbowl. It’s the deepest we’ve seen from Kenny in quite some time.

Kenny kicks it off with “Come Over,” a song he has called a “sexy booty call,” emphasizing the dynamics of a relationship after it has run its course.

“Welcome To The Fishbowl,” “Time Flies” and “Feel Like A Rockstar” are the only upbeat songs on the album. Now, it might seem impossible for Kenny to come out with a project with no salute to the sand and the sea. “Time Flies,” however, fills that responsibility on this CD, and it also serves to change up the mood with a little lightheartedness.

The rest of the album is contemplative, moving through such topics as life, love and faith.

welcome to the fishbowl Kenny Chesney Contemplates Life, Love, And Faith On Welcome To The Fishbowl“I’m a Small Town” is an emotional tribute to the ties we have to our small town roots and the memories that lay there. From riding a bike for the first time to a first kiss, Kenny takes us back to all the bittersweet memories from where we grew up.

“El Cerrito Place” is a love song, providing a taste of the longing Kenny will use to wrap up the album. The ambience on the song is one of loneliness. “Well I’ve been hangin’ around this place/I’ve been looking through your space/I’ve been waitin’ for you,” he sings.

Kenny continues the depth with “He Still Knows Who I Am,” a song written about returning home to spend time with a father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. “I drive a Chevy ’cause he drove Chevies/Like him I’m a baseball fan/I’m goin’ back to see him while he still knows who I am.”

The album comes to a close with a run of wistful love songs. “To Get To You” is written about the hardships love causes and the fear we oftentimes must overcome in order to be happy. “Well I’ve been out and I’ve been in/I’ve been scared to love again/But you’re worth every hurt my heart’s been through/I’d go through it all again if I had to/To get to you.”

“Always Gonna Be You” and “You And Tequila” (a live version featuring Grace Potter) bring the album to a close with a theme of lost love, too complicated to have been salvaged.

Welcome to the Fishbowl tracklist:

  1. Come Over
  2. Feel Like A Rock Star (Duet With Tim McGraw)
  3. Sing ‘Em Good My Friend
  4. Welcome To The Fishbowl
  5. I’m A Small Town
  6. El Cerrito Place
  7. Makes Me Wonder
  8. While He Still Knows Who I Am
  9. Time Flies
  10. To Get To You (55th And 3rd)
  11. Always Gonna Be You
  12. You And Tequila (With Grace Potter) – (Live At Red Rocks Amphitheatre)

Kenny is currently previewing songs from Welcome to the Fishbowl on his website (where you can also buy the album).

-Alex Stegall / The New 103.7

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