Fat Is Fast… For Being … Fat

Ever said or have you ever heard someone say, “Oh I’ll eat this and it will go straight to my (insert region fat shows up).”  Turns out they weren’t lying!  Who knew?

On average after a heavy meal in just three hours 3 teaspoons worth of fat is added to various areas of our bodies. “Get Thee Behind Me you family size tube of chocolate chip cookie dough! Be GONE!”  I guess it’s ‘Get Thee Behind me’ – or “Go ahead and get on my behind’  LOL.

  • Shayne shared information this morning on taming hair in high humidity – I don’t remember any of it – just being honest, ladies get it.  For a guy like me hair talk is only a focus if the conversation is about keeping it on my head.
  • How about that Kenny Chesney on with Koffy In The Morning this morning! He is all over Buzn1029.com if you are a fan click around and YOU WILL find a ton of stuff to enjoy.  It was kinda funny that he had no idea that Brothers of The Sun is going to be the first concert at Target Field.  A ton more tickets every weekeday on Buz’n ~ They’ve all got to go!
  • I was just at Woodbury Lakes and saw a girl I could’ve swore was my cousin from Arizona, but I know is in MN seeing family.  She is preggers … so was this girl … So go to shouting OMG Kindra HI!   Turns out – not Kindra. Then I got to thinking, cripes what if this girl isn’t pregnant?  I can’t throw that into the story of who I thought she was because then I’m Mr. Creepy and a jerk.   She said it wasn’t her, I yelled, “you’re a liar” and sped off. (no I didn’t yell that ..ha but I should’ve ~ that would have  been hysterical)
  • Power outages were quite the issue for a large number of people this morning because of the storms. Fingers crossed we fare a little better tonight with Mutha Nature cranking up the light show and bass. (I say it because I know how ridiculous that sounds. Yo.)
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