A#1 A thunderstorm with hail at 3am and my dog barking his baby roo face off for two hours straight. I finally fell asleep at 5am

A#2 Taking my dogs out for potty half asleep and forgetting my keys to my building.  SO we had to wait for someone to leave. One guy left but apparently carrying a baby prohibited him from helping me. No offense but if it were a woman? She could have done both. haha  30 mins later and 15 mins of tears I finally got in the building.

A#3 Kitty squirming out of my arms and fell on the elevator floor. I tried to catch him but Im pretty sure he fell on his poor baby head.  He seemed ok when I left but now I’m just worried that he’ll be ok when I get home.

All this happened before 9:00 am.  I’m so tired and I just ran out of coffee.  Does it sound like I’m whining?  I totally am.

The upside?  I put on jeans this morning I bought 7 years ago in San Fran! Medifast is awesome! Go Here to check them out!

Also if you live out in Otsego or near, you should come to Rockwoods Grill on Weds nights, its sooo much fun!

OR come have happy hour at Wild Bills in Apple Valley on Thursday!  Wild Bills is always a good time too!

I can’t believe June is almost over! I always count summer as May, June, July because in August its back to school time. I need to find some fun Minnesota things to do next month before its too cold and I cant.

Suggestions? Id love to hear what your fav MN summer activities are! Buzn has a lot of fun stuff coming up too so I hope I see you out at some or all of them!

xo ~tj

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