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Are those basketball shoes, water skies, or snow shoes?! Tim McGraw poses with these shoes and tweets to the effect that they make him feel a little inadequate.

tim A Minnesota Monday

It’s really too bad that Tim has let himself go. There was once a time when the ladies surfing the web would have loved a picture of a half naked Tim McGraw holding a ridiculously sized shoe.  But, apparently those days are gone.

In other news, if you need a stuffed badger I found one in Stillwater.  He looks like he would go great in just about anyone’s living or dining room.

badger A Minnesota Monday

We talked about a new study that found snooping on your partners phone or laptop is bad for the Snooper not the Snoopee.  Psychological and Physiological problems follow those that developed that habit of needing to snoop. So don’t get too crazy with your suspicions, apparently they are no good. (I’m not a Dr.)

I tweeted Miranda Lambert that we had make a clay sculpture of Blake Shelton and that we looked forward to hearing from them to arrange a pick up. The sculpture below:

blake A Minnesota Monday

Actually I found this at the same shop as the badger in Stillwater, but I’m sure Blake could appreciate.

The Aerosmith show on Saturday night was awesome. Know the Target  Center can get pretty loud, I wore earplugs.  My wife gave me a really hard time about that but I have no ear drum ringing for me which is more than we can say about her ears on Sunday.

We also talked about Bowser Beer.  Its nonalcoholic beer made for dogs.  Fine I am sure in moderation. For one, it is $20 a 6pack, for two, you give your dog something like this you better know how their digestive system will handle it, because let me tell you, things can go from fine to cleaning stuff off the walls and floor pretty quick!!

More Brothers of the Sun tickets courtesy of Mall of America coming up tomorrow morning. Surf around the site here and you will find the scheduled times and even bonus times!


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