I go Memorial Weekend to Labor Day Weekend with the doors of my Wrangler off.  Well, in Salt Lake City this was a good plan because even if it rained, the storms there were so weak and lasted mayyybe 5 minutes so even if I had to drive in them it was fun, I never got wet! Wellllll living here is quite the different story haha these storms are NO joke and yesterday morning when I was driving down 494 in a DOWN POUR with thunder and lightening it wasn’t all that fun haha PLUS my roof leaks sooo it actually wouldn’t have been so bad if the front of my top didn’t leak.  I’m going to need a new plan I think or get the top fixed so it at least doesn’t leak anymore.

This happened because of said leak, evvvvvverything is wet! Sad.

img 20120614 093915 Bathroom Blog: I Need to Re evaluate My Situation

I can only imagine what people were thinking when they drove past me yesterday! haha

I dont know why my sister isnt on the radio buisness or in some form of entertainment. She is SO funny.  She text me this picture today and said “Draw eyebrows on your dog! Im doing this after Mox gets his hair cut tomorrow! hahahaha” haha shes crazy.  Apparently you just use a make up pencil.  Haha you gotta admit it IS pretty funny!

dog bored Bathroom Blog: I Need to Re evaluate My Situation

As you can see from this post we are quite the amusing family.  This is one of my fav quotes…

“You live but once, you might as well be amusing.” -Coco Chanel

Have a great weekend!


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