By Koffy In The Morning

I just got the test of the “treat your fellow man like a brother” rule — by having someone break into my car. I would almost think the violation was on the idiot that thought there would be something worth creepin’ into the car for.  They got a Garmin — a six year old Garmin that has never been updated.  If we have to run a story of some poor fellow who mysteriously turned left onto a train track in a construction zone and was met by Fate in the form of a locomotive, I will know that the “Recalculator Reeper” has struck again.  Karma.  (No I don’t wish death on someone who stole an outdated piece of electronics, but it ticks me off nonetheless.)

  • Congrats to Kip Moore, he is the guy that sings ‘Somthin’ Bout a Truck.’ It went to #1  — CHA CHING!
  • There are now experts that claim spray tanning is bad for you – mainly inhaling all the fumes.  I say try juicing carrots – lots of them.  I got on a kick like that once and in about three days people were asking me if I spray tanned. Of course I said, “NO – I’ve Been Juicing  Carrots.” (It turns your skin orange).
  • Readers Digest Published a study about women and cussing! They say that 61 percent of women ages 18-44 swear a couple of times a week — 1 in 4 swear several times a day.

Personally – yeah its not the best option (to swear) and if you’re doing it just to be vulgar pick another word but sometimes it helps to release the tension of the moment and not internalize it.  Whatever your walk, but I did find that it was not “Bless Their Heart” that came out of my mouth this morning at 3:30 a.m when I realized my car had been vandalized.

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