“I think you can only be truly mad at someone you really love.— Grace Trevelyan”
50 shades of grey cover thumbnail BATHROOM BLOG: I Aint as Good as Im Gonna get

I wanted to know about the 50 Shades hype so I read the first book over the weekend. I don’t know if I’ll get the other two. I mean I GET the appeal of it but I don’t get the fascination with it.  Is this what women want? Or are the books so popular because they are “naughty” and something most would never dare to do or try?  Is it the rich and good-looking part?  Is it the passion or how much he wants  her? Cause I TOTALLY get that, hence why I’ve never been married, I wanted that.  Is it because he seems unattainable and there is something about being the ONE girl who can “fix” him or can make him feel differently than any other girl? I just don’t get the crazy hype over this series. Some of my friends think it’s the greatest series ever and “can’t put it down” and then I see those funny pics online, the girl is upset and it says “My therapist says Christian Grey is not a real person.” I don’t get why anyone would actually want that? Its not even the “erotica” part that bothers me. I’m not easily offended by that kind of stuff. Maybe I need to read the 2 other books.  I get his appeal though for sure but man it seems like such a roller coaster of emotions.  Or maybe it’s because I’ve had my own very similar roller coaster of crazy emotions in my past, so I feel tired just thinking about it? Or maybe I see some of myself in Ana, parts of me I know are there but don’t acknowledge.  I know I’m totally over analyzing this, haha it’s “entertainment.”  It’s just when I see women freaking out over this series or “wanting” Grey…that is when I over think it and wonder…why? I mean, Id love a huge walk in closet full of brand new clothes too I guess haha  Annnnnyway…according to you all I should read the other 2, it gets better.

A few weeks ago my little Zoey had this weird bump on her and it freakkkked me out.  I took her to this vet someone mentioned and wow was it a HORRIBLE experience! First and foremost I was SO disappointed when this couple CARRIED their dog in who was clearly in extreme distress.  The lady at the front desk told them “I’m sorry we are closing in 30 minutes and cant fit you in, your dog probably has parvo and the Drs have a meeting. You can go to the emergency clinic when they open in an hour.” WHAT????? That dog was DYING and you turned them away???????  Hellllllll to the No. I don’t care if the Dr’s have a meeting!  That dog looked at me with the SADDEST eyes I have EVER seen on something alive.  I STILL to this day can see that dog’s eyes. They had to carry him back out because he was THAT sick. I will NEVER go back to that place. I can only hope if one of my dogs was clearly dying someone would do everything in their power to try to save him or  her.  I went to this other vet a couple weeks later to get Kitty his vacs and they were SO AWESOME.  I called back when Kitty got sick, they were closing and the girl gave me her CELL phone number in case Kitty was still sick. Thank you for that peace of mind that you care.  So shout out to Green Veterinary in Brooklyn Park.

Side Note: If you can’t afford to get your dogs their vaccinations to at least try to prevent Parvo etc, then you can’t afford a dog.  Dogs depend on you to take care of them, don’t be irresponsible.  Thanks.

I’m such a scatter brain lately. I actually thought I threw away my phone in a gas station trash can yesterday.  I was sober too.  I was fully prepared to go trash can diving when I had Kris call it when he got here and it was hiding in my car! Thank goodness. I REALLLLLLY didnt want to dig through the garbage. Oh but I would have, I have no shame. haha

The new Lee Brice “Hard to Love” is such a good song. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out!

Have a great day!


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