While he is currently enjoying a successful career in country music, Darius Rucker told CBS Local that he still loves to perform songs from his days with Hootie & the Blowfish.

“When I start ‘Only Wanna Be With You’ or ‘Let Her Cry’ or ‘Hold My Hand’ I just can’t believe the sound of the audience. How could you not want to hear that crowd every night? That’s where it’s for me right there,” he said. “Those songs changed radio back in the mid-’90s. People are very fond of those tunes and I’m very proud of them.”

Sometimes a song takes on new meaning years after it’s first release. That’s the case for “Let Her Cry.”

“I wrote that song so quick. Just one night doing something wrote a song. It’s my favorite song to play,” Rucker said.

While “Let Her Cry” may be his favorite song to perform, Rucker said he’ll never forget when he heard “Hold My Hand” on the radio for the first time driving to the golf course with band member Dean Felber.

“You have to realize we were a band nine years before we got a record deal, so we had been playing ‘Hold My Hand’ for five years. It came on the radio and we turned it. That was us back then,” he said. “Not now. I listen to them now absolutely.”

Rucker further explained that he appreciates all his success.

“I’m a cover band singer from Charleston, South Carolina, that got real lucky so I don’t take any of this stuff for granted,” he said. “Especially not anymore because I know how big it can be and how fast I can go away.”

For fans hoping for a Hootie & the Blowfish reunion, Rucker says it’s not far off.

“Oh yeah, Hootie’s going to do another record some day. We’re going to do another record and one more tour and have fun with it and do it the right way. Country music is my day job.”

And speaking of country, Rucker says what surprised him most about country music was “the acceptance.” Initially, he says, “We didn’t know what was going to happen,” but he says he’s been met with open arms. “As soon as they heard the music they were like, ‘Okay dude, come on in.’ That was awesome.”

– Annie Reuter CBS Local

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