Dang that dog must REALLY love those treats! I bet with Kitty and Zoey’s new treats they would dance with me.  They love those things, they even go into the bathroom willingly when I leave for the day (my bathroom is pretty big, I havent unpacked yet) Anyway, I used to have to chase them around the apartment or shoot them with water to get them to come out from under the bed at 730am every morning. Now, they just go which means these treats probably arent all that good for them.   THIS dog loves his treats tho! He and his owner Ashley who is 17 took home the Britain’s got Talent crown and won $800,000!!!!! I guess the endorsement deals are ROLLIN in too. I need bad Kitty to make ME a million dollars. We dont do anything else all day better start teaching him a dance routine! OR even Zoey, she should do whatever I say, I rescued her from the CRAZY family and a sad cage! haha

Watch Ashley and her dog do their super cute dance routine!

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