Congrats to Jake Owen who, as of this morning is a married man! Jake told PEOPLE that it was his idea to have a sunrise wedding because….”it’s symbolic of the dawn of a new day and starting our new life together”. Awww!! He also says “I’m looking forward to being a husband, someone his wife relies and leans on,” Lacey added… “He gives me so much love, that it’s the best place of my life, and having the commitment of marriage means everything.”  Seriously can they be ANY cuter?!  See the wedding photo HERE! Shes gorgeous and I gotta hand it to her. I would NEVER look wedding ready at sunrise! Do you know how early she had to wake up to get ready?!

OH and on Saturday night, Jake was “arrested.” I dont think he went to jail or anything but he was cuffed because he tweeted this photo.

jakeowenarrest 1 Tjs Trash: Jake Owens Wedding Photo & his Tweets About His Arrest


Tweeting under the influence is never a good idea but Jake tweeted and has since deleted:

“I just got arrested in my own hometown”

“I was wearing an old man mask and the sheriff decided to rip me out of Steak And Shake and embarrass me in front of my family. Classic.”

“You give a guy a gun and a badge and he thinks he’s John Wayne” & “Thanks Indian River County Sheriffs Office. Unreal.”

“I’m calling it a night. My mom cried. My Dad was embarrassed,” “I lived out another day. Happy Cinco De Mayo.”

Since Jake deleted all the above he then tweeted:

“Y’all I apologize. The IRC Sheriff was doing their job. I love hometown. I had too good of a time on Cinco de Mayo.”

This afternoon, Jake decided to send out a public apology too.

I want to publicly apologize again for bringing to light a situation that I overreacted to.  I embarrassed myself and my family and most importantly the great people of my hometown.  The Sheriffs were doing their jobs and I made an immature decision to announce it to the world. This is me talking.  Not some puppet that is reciting what he “should” say. I take full responsibility. Again, what’s done is done, but I am truly sorry.



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