Thanks to Jason Aldean, the cat’s out of the bag on one of the ‘mysteries’ surrounding Jason’s touring partner, Luke Bryan.

Currently on his My Kinda Party Tour 2012, Jason gave a call to Lisa & Ray from Chicago station WUSN this morning to talk about music, dancing, hunting, and…tattoos.

Jason wanted to better acquaint fans with his opening act Luke Bryan. And for starters, that meant to clue them in on the secret behind Luke’s alleged ‘mystery tattoo.’

So what’s the tattoo? And where is it located?

“I think he has his wife’s initials on one of his ass cheeks!” Jason explained.

And how does he know for sure?

“He was out on tour with me when he got it,” Jason explained. “You know, after you get a tattoo, when they start to heal they itch, and you want scratch it. Well, he kept complaining about it, and I was like, ‘What is wrong with you?’ And he told me he got a tattoo, and then proceeded to pull one of his ass cheeks out, and I could see her initials on it!”

“He does wear tight jeans, I was thinking, ‘maybe you need to go up a size.’ I didn’t know what was happening.”

Luke is also famous with the ladies for his dancing when out on the road–and Jason thinks he may need some help.

“It is kind of new thing he has adopted in the last year,” Jason said. “And I think, when he’s on stage [and] starts swiveling around, and all the girls start going crazy, that just adds fuel to the fire.”

“To all the women out there,” Jason pleads, “stop encouraging that, please.”

If that doesn’t work, Jason does have a back-up plan. “Maybe that is what I will get him at the end of the tour: a choreographer.”

When not on the stage playing to sold-out amphitheaters, Jason likes the peace and tranquility of hunting close to home. And he even is willing to hang out with his touring partner during off hours.

“My favorite thing to do is hunt,” he said. “I was actually hunting this morning. We were turkey hunting. I actually went over to Luke Bryan’s farm, he just bought a farm here in Nashville. It’s about 15 minutes from my house, and it’s loaded with turkey, so we were over there turkey hunting.” Jason said he “got a big double beard this morning, so it was fun.”

Listen to the full audio interview on Chicago’s US99.5.

Jason Aldean is on tour across the U.S. this summer. See the full list of venues on his website.

Steven Koscik/US99.5

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