By Mike Dubs

Moving on up! I am from the Windy City which is known as Chicago, IL where I was born and raised. I have never been to Minnesota before in my life, but I do know that living here in Minnesota aka the State Of Hockey is going to be awesome because I’m a huge hockey fan! Since I was 15 and saw the movie “Private Parts” I always wanted my own radio show, and so here we are 13 years later doing nights on Buz’n!

Here are a few words to describe myself and what nights are like on Buz’n: sarcastic, goofy, tastefully offensive, and full of the BEST and NEWEST country music!

I can’t wait to meet you all and I am always on Twitter (which I’m currently checking while you’re reading this) you can follow me @MikeDubsRadio, and for all social media including Snapchat. You can add me by looking for MikeDubsRadio

When I’m not On-Air you can reach me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat @MikeDubsRadio

Check out the latest from Mike Dubs here.

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