“Walkin Through the Front Door…” New Blog!

Hi!  I saw this video on a friends facebook page and HAD to share it with you!  Its SOOOOO freaken cute! This is Kenny and Selma and they have been married for 72 years, they made this video for one of their grand kids who just got married. At the end this lady laughs her face off at something that is SO funny to me! haha Watch!

“She always picks on me!” hahaha oh man I love them.

5 tips for a long and happy marriage.

Wanna know what is exciting to me today?  THIS is on dvd and yes I am going to run right out after work today and buy it THEN Im going to look into a gospel choir that will let me join them. For as long as I can remember Ive wanted to be in a gospel choir!

I know I’m 3 years late on this but I’m currently OBSESSED with Chris Young “Gettin You Home” that is my JAM! Oh and Hunter Hayes “Wanted” I heard today made me almost cry! Here I am with Chris and yes they do actually tell you that you cant kiss him in the Meet and Greet!  I wanted to walk in and say “They told me you couldn’t kiss me, I’m sorry.”  Then I chickened out, haha
tjchrisyoung Walkin Through the Front Door...  New Blog!

And here is the beautiful Miranda Lambert, I didn’t even notice she was wearing a Hunger Games shirt!

miranda tj Walkin Through the Front Door...  New Blog!

After I posted these pictures on my facebook (facebook.com/tjradioo) people who haven’t seen me in awhile were talking about how much weight I’ve lost and asked what I’m doing, its Medifast!  I LOVE this program! If you have ever thought to yourself  “I wish someone would just tell me what to eat and I’ll eat it and lose weight.” That is exactly how easy this program is!  I get to go shopping soon because my old clothes are barely fitting anymore! Here’s there number 1-888-926-4755 and if you are on the program already, email me and I have a website that has some awesome recipes!

I hope you have a great week!! Here’s a cute pic of my Zoey, cute pics are sorta rare with her…haha  She usually looks like THIS!

zoey cute Walkin Through the Front Door...  New Blog!

Aww but look how cute she is!

zoey Walkin Through the Front Door...  New Blog!

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