I love the concept of Sugarlands “In Your Hands” tour, sounds like so much fun! The fans pick the set list online and with signs in the crowd.

Alana Springsteen 11-year old aspiring singer/songwriter and her family has been making trips to Nashville to meet with artists and execs in the music buisness. They have become friends with Kristian Bush who invited Alana and her family to their show Thursday night and then to sing on stage with them!  “He said you have the opportunity to sing ‘Baby Girl’ with us, are you ready? And I said yes! I’m totally ready,” said Alana. Her parents watched in disbelief as she rocked that stage!  “As soon as the first verse got done it was like, ‘I got this stage!’,” David said. “She was walking around, flipping her hair, and I was like, ‘what is going on?’,” he said.  Haha! I love that!  Watch the video! It gave me goosebumps!

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