First lets get this out of the way. Its Channing Tatum’s Birthday, today you get the present! You are welcome! From his old GQ cover shoot!

THIS makes me so so soooo sad.  I KNEW there was NO way Octo Mom could handle all of those kids on her own.  TMZ has the latest on CPS visiting her home today.  Nayda (Octomom) called her stylist to come over to do her hair and heres what she saw;

The children’s toilets are outside  in the backyard and in their bedrooms because some pipes are broken, a plumber came to fix it and said it would cost $150 and she told him that was too much and sent him away.  She said Octomom locked them in a room with a chair proped against the door while she got her hair done.  She made other random allegations as well but those are the biggest two.  Heres the thing that annoys me though.  She gets $2,000 a month in food stamps.  Im not one to judge or tell someone how to spend their money BUT Octo spent $520 on a blow out and cuts.  Now. I have and do spend a lot on my hair but I am not depending on other people to feed my children.  Whatever. That annoys me. Im so glad I dont live in California and paying for her anymore.  oh AND $150 to have working toilets in the house was “too much” but a $520 hair cut is ok?!   The authorities stayed an hour-and-a-half and left.  We’re told they determined the kids were not in danger so they weren’t removed from the home, but there will be a follow-up with Children’s Services.

You can see the pics of those allegations and the full story on

And NOW? Brazilian blowout is going to give her FREE hair services and babysitter so tax payers aren’t paying for her hair AND they are paying her plumbing bill! WHY?! WHY is this lady getting all these free things and help because shes self fish and instead of taking care if her kids shes getting her hair done?!  I dislike her even more now.

Aww Jason Aldean is such a sweet guy.  He heard about a kid in my hometown, Omaha who is sick and is a fan of Jason’s so he recorded him a video message.  Watch it here

138866008 TJs Trash: CPS Visits Octomom and a Sweet Video From Jason Aldean

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