Who would have know Vince Gill was a “heckler”?

He was sitting front row, recently, at a Nashville Predators Stanley Cup Playoff game, sporting a T-shirt that proclaimed “Bertuzzi Is A Sissy”

No word on if Todd Bertuzzi, a forward with the Detroit Red Wings, saw Gill. But after talking with Lisa Dent & Ramblin’ Ray of Chicago station WUSN this morning, turns out there is a history between the two!

“Oh man, you know what, that was so much fun,” said Gill. “I love messin’ with those hockey players.”

When pressed on how this new role of “heckler” started, Gill explained it this way. “We had a game last year, we were playing Detroit. Everyone always gives Todd (Bertuzzi) the business, and I was kinda letting him have it. My seats were right on the glass behind the goal, and he looked up at me, and I was giving him the business and he gestured to me, he invited me right out on the ice to try him.”

While Vince definitely wanted to show his love and support for his Predators, fighting a professional hockey doesn’t sound like something you would want to partake in.

“He said, ‘Come on out!’ I said, ‘I can’t skate!'”

While he doesn’t want to fight, just heckle, he does have the utmost respect for the game he loves.

“They’re the toughest, to me, maybe even more than football. They have the least amount of gear on, padding. It is something else.”

When asked if he had the chance to see Carrie Underwood‘s ‘playoff underarm hair’ at any of the games (her husband, Mike Fisher plays for the Predators), he didn’t, but did say, “I have a playoff beard.”

Vince’s latest album, Guitar Slinger, is out now, and you can also catch him on tour this spring and summer.

Listen to the full Vince Gill interview:

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