April 22nd is Earth Day.  This is a day to think about how you consume various things and how you affect Mother Earth.  BUZ’N got some tips from consumer and money-saving expert, Andrea Woroch, on ideas of how you can save some green by going green.

  1. Reduce the amount of mail you get by signing up for the “no solicitation” registry.
  2. Shop online more to reduce your carbon footprint.  According to a study conducted by Carnegie Melon’s Green Institute, online shopping has reduced carbon emissions by 35 percent.
  3. Exercise outside and avoid the gym because some exercise equipment uses a lot of energy. No gym fees!
  4. Close your blinds when it’s hot outside.  That cuts energy costs and here in Minnesota the warm days are coming soon.
  5. Wash your clothes with cold water.  Some clothes do recommend warm or hot water; but you can reduce heating bills and energy by using cold water.  Your clothes will still be clean with using cold water.

(source: Andrea Woroch)

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