Did you catch the new Mountain Dew commercial?  If you think you saw <a href=”/tag/jason-aldean”>Jason Aldean</a> you would be right! He shares the spotlight with other celebs including Lil Wayne, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and a famous skateboarder.  Their new tag line “This Is How We DEW!”. Yes, that is D-E-W….not D-O.


According to an article in <a href=”http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-04-17/pepsico-aims-to-bring-urban-cool-to-mountain-dew-image-retail“>Business Week</a>, Pepsi Co. says it’s working to expand the sugary, caffeinated drink’s appeal to a broader group of young soda consumers with more cultural diversity. Jason Aldean and Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be featured in mostly middle-America television markets, while Lil Wayne and Paul Rodriguez, who’s a Mexican-American pro-skateboarder, might be featured more in west coast and urban markets.


<blockquote><em>“Our biggest opportunities are in those areas with the highest concentration of consumers who probably haven’t heard the dew message as focused as we could have,”</em> said Brett O’Brien, vice president of marketing for Mountain Dew. Dew’s  target consumers are young adults, mostly men, aged 18 to 24.</blockquote>


The challenge for the world’s second- largest soda company will be finding new diverse soda drinkers while holding on to core Mountain Dew enthusiasts. That sounds like a bunch of corporate gobbeltygook. I just know I love a cold Dew on a hot Texas day and want to  get <em>wired</em> drinking it.<em> </em>


Check out Jason Aldean in this commercial below:


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