Justin Moore / Ashton Kutcher Twitter War Continues

The “twitter war” between Justin Moore and Ashton Kutcher has flared up again. Neither side seems to be wavering in this unrelenting 140 character tussle. With the battle raging on for 10 days now or 32 years in Internet time, there could be no end in sight. After a quiet five days of tweeting about the new series of Punk’d and a Sphere Morphing Hexabot (don’t ask us what they are, we don’t know either) rolling around, Ashton unleashed tweets in Justin’s direction.
After the few tweets right after the ACM Awards, we thought all this would be over with. Miranda got her say in, Justin called him a not so nice name, and the world kept on turning. But no, you had to drag us all back in didn’t you, Ashton. Take a look at the offending tweets:

One of Ashton’s followers was even nice enough to point out that his Marty McFly look from Back to the Future 3 could have been the culprit.

Of course Justin quickly jumped back in the fight.

And what has all this “fighting” solved? Not a single thing. So let us try and end this “war” with the lyrics to a song that might be appropriate in this situation:

There’s cowboys and hillbillies / From farm towns to big cities / There ain’t no doubt in my mind / Country must be country wide

Brantley Gilbert pretty much nails it with his song “Country Must Be Country Wide.” It really doesn’t matter who you are or what do. Country music is country music. So Ashton and Justin, give your thumbs a rest and move along.

~ Steve Wiseman / CBS Local

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