Hi! So. Today is one of those days.  You know what I mean, the “off” days.  Today is a call in sick day. In fact, I think girls should get one day off a month, the work place would be a better place AND we’d come back refreshed and stable the next day! haha  I remember someone posting this on facebook and it actually did make me feel better!  So keep this handy for when you need some cheering up. Even if you dont need cheering up, you’ll laugh! Click below.

13 Simple Steps to get you Through a Rough day.

I just found out my entire family is going to Vegas, where most of my family lives, for Easter. When I lived in Salt Lake it was a quick 5 hour drive.  My dad and best friends live in Omaha though, I haven’t spent a holiday with my dad in a long time and will love all this time I get to spend with him now that I live closer.   I live the  closet of all 5 kids that he has now. They just don’t do all the stuff my moms side of the family does, a bunch of people get together, Easter Bunny comes, the kids hunt eggs, we all fly kites, dinner and drinks.  That part of it I miss. Plus, my grandpa was just in the hospital and any chance to spend time with them is so precious to me, hes 80.  OH but you’d never know it. Him and my grandma still go dancing on the weekends! They are so fun! I want to have a life and relationship JUST like theirs. They have been married over 55 years and the best part is how lovey and sweet they still are with each other.  They even still flirt and its sooooooooooooo freaken cute!  You can tell they love every single second they have together. I NEVER want to be that couple out to eat, she’s looking around and he’s reading the paper.  I mean no offense if that works for you and you are happy, but it wouldn’t work for me.  I have to marry someone as silly and fun as I am and I want the old school kind of marriage.   Speaking of silly and fun! Did you watch Betty White’s new show last night?!   Its old people pranking younger people and it was HILARIOUS! I want to be like those older people when Im old! haha they were SO funny!  One lady asked this young girl to send a text for her cause she didnt know how and it was to her future daughter in law and she had her text “Glad you and Mike are going to be together and welcome to the family but I still think you are a gold digging tramp.” or something like that, haha! This girl said “should I put tramp in caps?” hahaha, they have hidden cameras on these people.   SO funny. Look it  up if you havent seen it  yet.

Um and PS how excited am I that Rascal Flatts are coming to the state fair?! I will spend my life savings to have the best seats to this show! haha Hands down my favorite thing to do is go to their show, outside, with my best friends, and drink beer .  Seriously, the 3 times Ive already seen them have been 3 of the best nights of my entire life!  I also need to go stalk someone here at work to find out if they have the new album. I cant believe its been out for 2 days and I havent heard it yet!  In celebration, here’s me and my bffs last September! 🙂

rascalflatts Bathroom Blog: Get Through a Rough Day or Make it Better!

I hope you have a great Easter, appreciate the time you have with your loved ones!!  ox ~tj

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