Are you going to try to win the $640 million?  Did you know that the Mega Millions record jackpot now has grown to $640 million because of all the people opening up their wallets to try for a chance at becoming a millionaire?

So let’s say you did win the $640 million.  What would you do with it?  Let me run a couple mathematical figures and show you what this would buy you.

  • $640 million could buy you 25,600,000 country cowboy hats (for $25.00 per hat.)

If you are from Minnesota, you know how popular Pronto Pups are at the fair.

  • $640 million would let you indulge in 128,000,000 million Pronto Pup this year at the Minnesota State Fair (at $5.00 a pronto up.)

Doesn’t 128 million Pronto Pups sound delicious? Yum!

What would you buy with the $640 million as a country fan?

Read more about the $640 million here.

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