This is quite ridiculous if you ask me, the future is going to be SO weird, I dont think I can handle it. haha  Check this out!

I REALLY hope this doesnt become a thing because Im not doing it for one and for two, people need to get off their phone, dont get me wrong…myself included. So much of the little things in life are missed  because we are on our phones, texting and not calling, not paying attention to conversations cause the phone is a distraction, texting husbands, wives, parents, kids to do something or get something when they are just in the next room.  My friend said on facebook that a girl actually walked right into her car while my friend was backing out cause she was so into her phone she didnt even see the car!  Well, Nokia has filed a patent for, “a tattoo that would send ‘a perceivable impulse’ to your skin whenever someone tried to contact you on the phone.”  Wait, what?!  YOUR TATTOO WILL RING!!!! HOW IS THAT NORMAL?! haha

How exactly would this work?

According to the patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the phone would communicate with the tattoo through magnetic waves. The phone would emit magnetic waves and the tattoo would act as a receiver. When the waves hit the tattoo, it would set off a tactile response in the user’s skin.

The patent also suggests that it would be possible to customize the physical response depending on who is calling — similar to having a different ring tone for different family members. So if your husband calls, you might only feel a dull tingling, but if it’s your teenage daughter calling you’d feel a mighty itch

Is this even safe?! It cant be ok to have magnetic waves in your skin!

The future scares me a little bit.

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