I called 911 on St. Pattys Day and would you pay $100 to skip the airport security line?

I dont think this sounds very safe if you ask me but what do I know about National security? TSA has a new program, you pay  $100 for a background check, have an interview and you’ll be able to skip taking your shoes off and all that other stuff. The thing is you have to be invited by the airline. Its called Precheck and its at two airlines and nine airports. Once you’re accepted there’s this random thing that will embed a code into your boarding pass — if it’s there, you get through. If not, you have to do the regular screening, just at the front of the line. I still think its scary. How do they know someone wont trick them or lie or live a good life to get on the list and theennnn… eh, maybe I just watch too many end of the world type movies. Which brings me to my next story….

So. Its St. Pattys day, I had a bad weekend, wasnt feeling up to having fun, plus sometimes I pout. haha I know, Im an adult but sometimes I pout when things dont go the way I planned in my head. Its ok, judge me.

Anyway, so I stayed home and was unpacking my apartment when I smelled a really strong gas smell. It was over by the oven but I dont have a gas oven so that wasnt it, but man Im telling you it was SO strong and I coughed when I inhaled, I even smelled it across the room!

SO thanks to blow up, shoot em up movies I automatically think my apartment is filling up with gas and Im going to blow up the entire building. Im not exaggerating, my heart was beating so fast, I threw my shoes, dogs without a leash and purse out in the hallway while I looked for my keys. It really was a what would you grab if you had 2 seconds moment. Thats all I grabbed, haha In my head I had 2 seconds before the whole place blew. I call 911 on the way out and I tell the operator I smell gas and I dont know why, Im kinda feeling silly at this point and so she says she’ll send someone out. Now, Im outside waiting for the building to blow up with everyone inside because I didnt warn anyone, and Im feeling guilty about that at this point. I go back upstairs to smell some more and I STILL smell it and I call 911 back and tell her I think its coming from my dishwasher and it might be nothing but she tells me they are on their way just to let them check it out. SO the firetruck with 4 firemen in all their gear get out and follow me upstairs, hahahaha man I wish I would have had a video camera. They find out its coming from the dishwasher, open it and find a plastic lid that had completely melted on the water heater causing that smell. Im telling you it did NOT smell like burning plastic!

Maybe its because Ive never had a fancy dishwasher before but Ive never burned anything washing dishes! I tried so hard not to laugh because I am in fact dressed for St Pattys day and they probably think Im drunk. So I apologize, tell them Im sorry for wasting their time its St Pattys day and Im sure they have more important things to do than to come unload my dishes. So shout out to the Plymouth fire department for not laughing at me and making me feel even MORE dumb than I already did! Oh and the answer is “yes” that question you are thinking “Well, were any of them good looking?” Im a mind reader. I posted on facebook if this has also happened to anyone else and I got some funny stories. My niece said she called 911 because she thought a murder was in the house but it was just the fridge making ice!
Always an adventure I tell ya.

P.S. I LOVE the storms happening here! Utah had storms but they lasted like 3 minutes and that was it. I missed the Midwest thunder storms. Have a great week!

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