MC Hammer, a body, bad dogs, and more!

I am too old to be party rocking the way I did this past weekend but I want to get out and see everything that is going on around here! Lets start with Friday. Went to Whiskey Park for “Pop Rocks” have you seen them? So fun! They dress up and do covers. For example… MC Hammer.


Ok, so nothing too crazy happened Friday.  Saturday was sooo nice out! I found the dog park in Plymouth which by the way is soo cool! Kitty had so much fun there! I love that they have a fenced in area for little dogs.  Also, can I please tell you we have the BEST listeners in the world?!  My remote at Cub foods was so much fun my stomach hurt from laughing so much. Then I went to Wild Bills in Maple Grove and I always have a good time there. So far might be one of my favorite places. THEN on Sunday I woke up and looked out the window and saw a body being put into the back of the medical examiners truck! I saw the crime unit and like 5 cop cars!  I live in a gated community and you have to call to get in the building too so if this were in fact a shooting or something Ive seen enough crime shows to know the victim probably knew his or her killer.  Wait…I’m going to google to see if it comes up what happened. Hold please. I cant find anything on it yet.  Anyway, even if it was just someone who passed away, its sad and thats as close as Ive ever been to a dead body and it came from my building. The crime unit was there so I imagine it was more than just natural causes.  So theres that.  Sunday night was the Lady A pre show party and let me state once again how awesome our listeners are. I had a blast and hopefully you did too!  Ive been sleeping on an air mattress until I can figure out how to get my stuff moved and I keep thinking EVERYDAY how lucky Ive been to not have any leaks and that i dont end up on the floor by the end of the night, well. that my friends has ended. My dogs put a hole in it and I slept on the floor last night and now I’m mad at these faces….


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