I love twitter for all the drama, best thing to happen to celebrities! Watch Ellen on The Bachelor!

Snooki’s ex boyfriend commented to TMZ that he hopes Snooki has a miscarriage.  Sooo Snooki’s fiance’ and ex bf get in a twitter fight!  Click HERE to see it all!

She looks cute on the cover and ya know? People do grow up.  I think she’ll be a good mom. Shes not like the Teen Moms that are on MTV.  She partied, who didnt?  I sure had my share of fun it just wasnt on national television.

THEN dont even get me started on Rihanna’s jab and Chris Browns girlfriend. That entire situation annoys me.  It is NOT ok under ANY circumstances to go back to the guy who BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU!!!!!!  I mean really?!  And its not even like hes a remorseful or a good guy now, hes saying “F You haters” after winning a Grammy, he throws chairs through windows, he steals (allegedly) cell phones from fans, I mean come on…

Anyway Rihanna posted a pic on twitter of Rice Cakes wearing sunglasses and big hoop earrings saying “imma make you my bi*ch” well its rumored that the pic could be a derogatory comment on his gf’s Vietnamese background.  THEN today, maybe in retaliation she posted a Nicki Minaj lyric to her FB page “Im Angelina, you Jennifer. C’mon you see where Brad at.”

I HATE when females fight over a guy like hes innocent and had nothing to do with these two girls even fighting in the first place!  AND! its over Chris Brown! Ugh.

HAHAHAHAHAHA I can’t get enough of Ellen! Watch her on the Bachelor Girls Tell All!

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