If you’re a guy who drives a car, you realize quick in life that girl’s know there is “Somethin ‘Bout A Truck.” This is exactly what Kip Moore realized at a young age, but was his first car a truck? Or did he have to learn the hard way? 

Well he had to somewhat learn the hard way. His first car wasn’t a truck but instead a Isuzu Stylus, which was handed down from both his brothers. He was kinda lucky, though; on some days when his Isuzu wasn’t running his dad would let him borrow his old Chevy Silverado. When you learn about a truck, you might as well learn from the best kind!

Borrowing the Chevy taught Kip a tough lesson. “After this one date, when I walked back into the house, I tossed the keys to my dad and said, ‘Damn, Pa, there’s somethin’ ’bout a truck,'” Kip told CMT.com. ”My girl just wasn’t the same girl in the Isuzu as she was when I picked her up in my dad’s truck. It was like a whole ‘nother girl got in car with me. Or like a whole ‘nother woman came outta her. All the sudden, she was wild and vibrant.”

He realized that the Chevy truck sealed the deal, and now it’s made his career with his hit “Somethin ‘Bout A Truck.”

Now of course we all know the song isn’t just about a truck. It’s about a woman, too, and an awesome night…and so much more.

“When I was growing up,” Moore goes on to say, “we’d create our own fun. We had to. Sometimes we’d sneak on a field. Sometimes it was someone’s dad’s farm. We’d let our tailgates down, drink beer, howl at the moon and shoot guns.” Sounds good time for sure!

Supposedly Kip’s on the market for a new one (truck, that is), and there is only one thing we gotta Tweet about that:

After all is there any other way to go? Nah we’re just kidding. Ladies, when did you realize there is something about a truck? Guys, what was your first car? My first car was a Pontiac Bonneville SSEI, which is pretty much a grandma car! But my second was a 1986 Ford F150 Straight 6. It was two tone–blue and rust!

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What else is goin on with Kip?

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