A Place to Live

I found a place to live annnd my first “adventure”!  New Blog!

I have one! Finally!  I’m moving to the great city of Plymouth, from what I keep hearing from everyone I say that too “its one of the best places to live says this one list.”  SO! Im pretty excited to get out of the hotel. I mean, staying in a hotel is nice and all but for a month? I brought my Keurig up and everything! I cant live without that thing.  PLUS, walking my dogs 3 blocks at night in the snow is not the business. So if you know of some really cool places to go in Plymouth let me know! send an email, facebook message, text 20769 or tweet me!  @tjradioo

The thing thats different about moving here than any other place Ive lived is how nice everyone is! Ive already met some really cool people and made friends.  I went out last Thursday and you will hear this a lot, its ALWAYS an adventure. So….

Its Thursday, place is packed, I had a blind date with two girls Ive never met, haha Sooo we’re just hanging out having some drinks, these guys come over and talk to us. I can clearly tell they are older 30s and the type of  guys that go out with the sole purpose of hooking up right?  SO one of them shows me a picture of a stuffed bear and on the shirt it says “B*tch you is fine” and I laugh and say of course Id be ok with that for Valentines Day, not JUST that obviously but its funny! I like funny stuff.  This guy and his girlfriend called me “Whitney Houston”!!!! I think “ummm let it go.”  THEN his girlfriend who by the way is holding a $1,000 purse (and Im not hating, I would like her purse) starts talking about a watch with one of my friends and the guys starts calling my friend a gold digger! This is AFTER they made fun of me for being cool about a stupid teddy bear!   So I defend her and say “shes not a gold digger because blah blah”  I could NOT make this up if I tried this guy pulled out his black American Express, the kind with zero limit and threw it on the table!!!!!  Hahaha I was like  “WHAAAAAAT WHO does that???” and he and his girlfriend are saying all my friend cares about is money?!  He straight threw his black card on the table and not to pay for our drinks just to say he had one!  Mannnnn, did I tell him how I felt about that, then I went to the bathroom and threw up for like 20 minutes cause I ate something bad I think, haha!   So, I made 2 new friends on my blind date but I dont think the black card couple will be calling me anytime soon to go shopping. haha OH! then his friend who was now flirting with the “gold digger” girl is trying SOOO hard to go home with her and he invites us to a party at his place on Saturday.  They do not go home together and he texts her the next day and says “you guys cant come to my party cause my GIRLFRIEND will be there!”  I knew it!  So we got uninvited. Good times.

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