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Hi! Hope you made it out to Eagle Street for the Jason Aldean Pre show party, it was so much fun! Looking forward to meeting more of you at the next party!  I cant wait for my friends to come visit! 

So Ive been trying to find a place to live which by the way is not as easy as I thought itd be. When I have so many choice I get so overwhelmed! Add the fact that Im unfamilar with the city and the 5 year old in me wants to sit on the floor and throw a fit.  I have decided on some areas I really like that I have discovered while getting lost.  The thing is I think my dogs are losing it. Really.  They have been SO bad lately and Zoey is acting so weird, like on crack weird annnnd she looks like this sooooo people think shes some crazy rabid dog!  Shes running to the side, like almost hopping as fast as she can with her ears back! Shes be sooo sad at me if she knew I posted her I just woke up face. haha  AND! She escaped my Jeep one day and I found her running around in the lot in the dark at Petco!!! Im pretty sure if my heart has ever actually stopped it was that moment. Im so lucky she didnt get hit by a car.

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I have 2 pairs of big girl heels, cute ones too that werent cheap. Well, Kitty decided to have a lets chew up the pretty shoes party last night and now I have zero heels currently.  Hes not my friend right now.  He’s also barking at EVERYONE and will freak out if he wants attention in the hotel lobby.   I need Cesar the dog whisperer!

I need to find new adventures so it doesnt sound like I just hang out with my dogs and thats all I do. Haha  Hope you have a great day off if you got one!

xo  ~tj

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