My First Blog! Come Meet Us!

Hi! Come meet my cuuute little baby dogs.  Oh, and me!

Hi!  I’m excited to write my first blog post!  It’s been awhile! I have a lot to say and 20 seconds on the radio is never enough!  Haha Hopefully you like checking out my page daily. I’ll post some celeb gossip, fun tips and tricks to help make your life easier.  OH! Are you on Pinterest?!  FAV. Site. Ever.   Let me first introduce you to my bestest bestest friends ever…

Kitty was my first, I got him in Salt Lake  and hes awesome! He has the funniest personality and hes a brat!  This is my favorite picture of Kitty ever cause it shows his crazy personality!  haha!!  I seriously love this.

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This is Zoey, Ive had her 11 months, shes a rescue.  Her big ole alien eyes suckered me into taking her home. She was sooo sad and scared I couldn’t leave her.  This is her the day I left Salt Lake! Haha poor baby thought I was going to leave her! I almost didnt even see her laying in there!

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Annnd this is for Kitty’s birthday. We had a party.  Haha

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I swear I’m not a crazy dog lady!  I just have so much fun with them!

For the week I’ve been here I’ve been to some cool places and met some REALLY nice people.  I went to Matt’s last night and had a Juicy Lucy, it was soooooo good!   Also, shout out to Hassan the Manager at the Uhaul in Burnsville on Highway 13!!!  Man, did they help me and rescue me.  Seriously, good people there.  I miss my stuff.  Who knew after a month I could miss a couch so much?!

I hope you drop me an email to tell me about yourself, what you love about Country music, your favorite places to go and do in the city, or even just to say hi! I’d  love to meet you!  Follow  me on Twitter  ”Tjradioo”   Like us on facebook too!  Talk to you soon!


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