Every artist has a start, and most started playing small parties and bar gigs locally, then travel farther and farther as they gained popularity.  This was no different for Zac Brown and the Zac Brown Band who started there journey in Georgia just a few years ago!  But this year was huge for the guys, see what Zac said about it all!

Zac Brown sat down with Alison Bonaguro from CMT and talked a little about how crazy this year has been, but the fact he hasn’t forgotten where he came from!  Though this year Zac spent his time playing amphitheaters, arena’s and festivals, the days of playing bar gigs for tips wasn’t that long ago!

Heres what he told CMT:”It was all just trial and error. I think my entire life has been trial and error. Like playing in a bar, and then wringing the beer outta my tip money from the tip bucket. At the end of the night, people would be spilling beer and stuff into that bucket but I didn’t care. I’d reach down and grab the one dollar bills from the bottom and shove ’em in the cargo pants I used to wear. I mean, I had soggy wads of one dollar bills on me for years. And that was my gas money, and what it took to get to the next place,” he continued. “Looking back, I forget about those days. But then when I get back out on the road, and I see what we do now, it never fails to astound me how far we’ve come.”

And they have come pretty far in a short time!  I know it wasn’t very long ago, probably around 2007 when I heard about the band, and not much longer after that hey signed with a record label.  From there it was all history!  It probably has a lot to do with there different sound.  I mean the first time they played at Coyote Joes my Aunt Rita was watching the show and made a remark to me that she really ‘wasn’t a big fan.’  Mostly due to the fact that they were more country then she was used to!  Now a few years later she has all there albums, and couldn’t wait to see them this past May at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

Something else that I really like about the Zac Brown Band is that they like to give back to music, and they really have an appreciation for it!  You can tell these guys aren’t just doing it for the money.  Zac and the guys never had to throw the Southern Ground Festival in Charleston, but they did, and gave the chance to a bunch of bands to get in front of folks they may have never gotten the chance to play for.

There is no doubt in my mind 2012 will also be huge for the guys in the Zac Brown band, and I wish them a lot of luck.  Zac’s a genuine person, with a huge heart for music, and a touch for good food.  And in my book, that makes a great person!

Check out a few pics from the Southern Ground Festival:

img 0152 Even Zac Brown Paid For Gas With Soggy Beer MoneyA Lil Charleston, Eric Church, & Zac…


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